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A world-first deep fryer ovenRevolutionises small kitchens

Cost-efficient cooking 

  1. All-in-one: grilling grate, deep fryer, and fume-eliminating catalyser, all inside the oven  
  2. Cook restaurant dishes in three minutes without a full kitchen
  3. Update recipes online

We build concepts based on your dishes of choice

The R-Cooker 330 is an easy way to start your own restaurant or broaden your menu without a dedicated cook and full kitchen.

Pizza, chips, Asian-style breaded prawn and spring rolls, gastropub versatility, and tasty summer dishes without seasonal professionals. While all are different needs, these dishes can be cooked quickly and easily. The secret is the R-Cooker 330 – the perfect choice for many different environments. We can also help you find high-quality food products for your oven.

Custom concepts for your dishes and we help you choose the right R-Cooker 330 oven according to your needs and budget. 

Reference videos 

Burgers, baskets ja fingerfood






Users who revolutionised their cooking with the R-Cooker from Finland



"The oven saves you on kitchen renovation costs by eliminating the need for a real kitchen, hood or grease trap. The oven is often only used by one person per shift, making the R-Cooker 330 a unique choice for quick and easy cooking without waste. We sell around 10 - 50 portions per week of basket and fingerfood products."

-Greetings from the rural pub crowd :)



"I work alone all the time, so I needed an oven to help me make pizzas and burgers for my customers. The R-Cooker 330 is a great work partner."

-Greetings from a cafe in Ylivieska

gas station.svg

Service stations

"We make the cutlets, soups, burgers, baskets, pizzas and buns supplied by R-Menu. Cooking is quick and easy and we don't need large premises to make the products."

-Greetings from gas station owners.



"Due to a shortage of chefs and expensive electricity costs, we replaced our kitchen with an R-Cooker 330 oven. The deep fryer inside the oven saves electricity and at the same time, the baking rack inside the oven cooks a raw 200g steak. We have replaced the kitchen with an R-Cooker 330 oven which cooks about 80 - 120 meals per evening with one person. It's easy to manage as the oven works like a second chef with instructions on how to make the dish. Several different dishes can be cooked at the same time in the oven."

-From a restaurant in the centre of Tampere, Finland



"In addition to sushi, we wanted to add spring rolls and other Asian products to our menu, which can be easily done with the R-Cooker 330 oven. We sell 200 - 300 portions per week"

-Greetings from a Sushi bar entrepreneur in the capital region



"We needed fries to accompany our kebab sales, so the oven fries up to 300 portions a day in a deep fat fryer. We didn't need to renovate the kitchen, we just had to lift the oven onto the table."

-Greetings from a Kebab Pizzeria entrepreneur from the capital region

Warranty and country of manufacture

Our standard warranty is one year and can be extended to three years. We manufacture our ovens in Kangasala in Finland.