R-Cooker -uuni

The R-Cooker 330 technical specifications

  • Width: 700mm
  • Depth: 650mm
  • Height: 930mm
160 kg
Electrical connection
Electrical connection wall socket 11 kW (Universal compatible)
Microwave wattage
3000 W
Hot air fan capacity
7000 RPM / 350 °C
Internet connection
The oven is connected via an RJ45 cable to the building’s network or alternatively to a separate mobile router.

The internet connection enables the following: updating the oven baking software, remote software management and fault diagnostics
Deep fryer
5,5 litres. With a closed oven, there is no chance of a grease fire.
Catalytic liner
The high-temperature catalytic liner is self-cleaning
With a closed temperature range and smart energy management, electricity consumption approx. 1.5 kWh per hour
Warranty, country of manufacture
We offer a 1-year warranty, which can be extended to 3 years.

The ovens are manufactured in Kangasala, Finland.

Catalytic liner removes cooking smells

The self-cleaning and maintenance-free catalytic liner effectively removes food smells from the roasting level and the deep fryer.

Remote control

Internet remote control allows baking programmes to be remotely programmed into the oven, eliminating the need for the user to programme the oven themselves. Any faults can also be investigated remotely.

Efficient deep fryer

Thanks to the oven’s built-in deep fryer, there is no need for a fireproof flue. With an oil capacity of 5.5 litres, you can cook up to 1.2 kg of French fries while the steaks are being cooked on the roasting level. The oven also works well with the deep fryer disconnected. The deep fryer is essential when washing the oven, as the fryer acts as a steam cleaner and makes it easy to clean the oven.


The oven allows you to prepare products in cocktail combinations or in stages. For example, a six-ingredient meal can be prepared at the touch of a button, and the oven will guide you from start to finish. The versatile temperature control allows you to cook different components at the same time at the optimum baking temperature. The oven will guide you through the operation and washing process clearly in your language. We are also constantly making new training videos

Roasting level

The roasting level and roasting tray together form an efficient roasting platform, similar to a traditional grill, where the temperature can be quickly adjusted up and down by a pre-set roasting programme from 180 to 350 °C during the roasting recipe.


The oven can cook steaks up to three times faster from a raw frozen product compared to all other kitchen appliances and techniques. Almost all meals are ready in about 2–5 minutes.


The deep fryer is integrated to operate inside the oven in an enclosed space, so there is no risk of a grease fire under any circumstances, as long as the oven door is kept closed.


Thanks to a closed temperature range and smart energy management, electricity consumption approx. 1.5 kWh per hour The deep fryer is integrated to operate inside the oven in an enclosed space, so it does not require constant electricity compared to a traditional open fryer.

Oven maintenance

There is no need for periodic maintenance of the oven apart from washing. Only the air filter at the back of the oven should be washed, for example in a dishwasher, every 1–2 months. In addition, the seal on the oven door must be replaced according to the instructions included in the spare parts delivery approx. once a year if damaged.

Meets the electrical requirements of several countries

The oven can be delivered to almost anywhere by international freight. We offer the programming of baking programmes for the oven online, remotely and at low cost. The service centre can also notice any faults remotely, and pass them on to the local service company.

Arrange a suitable oven demo place and time with the sales representative

Our sales staff will give you a demo at your preferred time, in Finnish or English.

  • A demo at our oven factory can also be arranged at short notice
  • A demo via video conferencing: we will send e-mail you the link to the consultation
  • We organise tours: we will come to you to do a demo from our car. Check the tour schedule with a sales representative.
Contact us

You can also contact us by e-mail on sales@r-menu.com or by phone +358 10 470 1333.